Nanoshell Company translates the benefits of nanotechnology into practical solutions for biomedical, research and commercial needs. We specialize in the design, fabrication, and integration of functional nanomaterials into transformational products and systems. Our unique nanomaterials are ready for integration into new products including food packaging, nutraceuticals, personal care, and supplements.

Nanoshell Company partners with clients nationwide to develop innovative and practical solutions for their product development challenges to accelerate commercial development. We offer a highly confidential work environment where both technology and intellectual property are generated to maximize future value and protection. We can help start-up companies small businessesrapidly take a concept through prototype and production.


Nanoshell Company prides itself on its openness, honesty and care for our partner’s interests. We offer products that have proven themselves in many investments among global market leaders.

The benefits of working with Nanoshell Company are not just our products. With us, every customer has the opportunity to choose their own configuration, tailored to his or her individual and unique needs.

The area of our activity

Intelligent NanoDelivery System

Encapsulated nutrients, smart nanoparticles,retrievable nanoparticles are some of the unique systems we offer. They can be used to efficiently detect or capture substances from complex fluids including blood, and can be used as sensors, cell cuture reagents, therapeutics.


Nanoshell Company is developing new therapeutic approaches to combat complications associated with a variety of hemoglobinopathies, infectious diseases, cancer and toxic exposures. 

Technology & Science

New approaches demand new tools and Nanoshell Company develops new devices that take advantage of our innovative nanotechnologies. These include a unique nanoparticle maker, sensors, and blood research tools.