Tungsten Nanoparticles


Tungsten Nanoparticles

Our process creates nanoparticles suspensions of very narrow size distribution (typical dynamic light scattering PDI’s are usually 0.1 or better).  Typical nanoparticle sizes range from 75-200 nm in diameter depending on the material and the process conditions.  These products are produced to have an optical density of 1.0 at the peak of their maximum UV-Vis absorbance unless otherwise indicated.  We can produce nanoparticle suspensions at higher concentrations as well. At extremely high nanoparticle concentrations, all nanoparticles have a tendency to reversibly sediment due to their high density unless agitated. 

For R&D use we stock small quantities of several of the most popular metal nanoparticles prepared in water, aloe vera and glycerin. A few others are available only in water. In most cases materials are made to order in the solvent of your choice. For chemically unstable solvents, particles may need to be prepared in a simpler matrix first, before mixing with the final solvent.

If you don’t see the product you are interested in please inquire. Provide material, purity, target size range.


Tungsten Nanoparticles in DI water:

15g / 100g / 250g  ||  $ 50.00 / $ 185.00 / $ 430.00

  • average nanoparticle size: ~100nm
  • ABS: 1.0 @ absorpcion maximum
  • Form: Liquid
  • Color: Gray/Silver

If you’re interested in a larger quantity - get a quote!