Improved Transfusion Therapy System

Improved Blood Purification System



Hemolytic conditions result in a glut of toxic free hemoglobin and iron that cause secondary effects in addition to those of the primary disease. To combat these issues, patients undergo regular red blood cell exchange and plasmapheresis which are only partially successful in controlling the problem. Supplementary drug therapy comes with its own complications. We have developed a patent-pending nanoparticle-enhanced high-throughput extracorporeal blood cleaning system. This system quickly and efficiently removes target substances from circulating blood during regular red blood cell exchange and plasmapheresis, leaving the patient blood in much improved condition. This is a complementary system whose intent is to reduce the frequency and severity of unexpected crisis events, and prolong the time between needed transfusions. We are currently engaged in early clinical testing of this system, and updates will be posted on our web site regularly.