Investor Information

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Nanoshell Company is a privately held early stage R&D company founded in 2005. The company has multiple revenue units:

Internal Innovation

The company leverages SBIR/STTR/contract funding to establish internal, early stage technology for pilot scale Phase II and Phase III testing and associated IP for commercialization. Value propositions for specific markets and customers lead us to IP protection strategies that maximize protection and ROI for future licensees. We work with partners and investors to take the idea to market. Our maturing technology portfolio includes biomedical technologies in which we have invested significant development lead times and are meeting regulatory requirements.

Client R&D

We solve problems for industrial, government, and academic customers to facilitate the transition from idea, to prototype, to manufacture. Projects can range from custom fabrication requests to long term R&D contracts.

Product Sales

Nanoshell Company offers a variety of unique, functional multicomponent nanomaterials for research or integration into new technology. We can provide stable nano- and microemulsions ready for conjugation by the customer or custom-conjugated to customer’s specifications. Features that can be added include stealth, retrievability from complex matrixes, chemical responsiveness, and targeting. Many of these products are being implemented in our propriety biomedical therapeutics applications. We also offer chemically protected reagents for pH, ion/metal detection, and photobleach resistant nanopigments. For clients interested in preparing their own materials we can design a DIY synthesis kit and provide our proprietary Fast React (TM) nanoparticle reactor system that greatly accelerates and improves the efficiency of nanoparticle/molecule conjugation.


We are currently collecting a list of interested parties for future investment opportunities. To be included in updates associated with the commercialization of Nanoshell Company technologies, please send an email with your name and contact information to: