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NANOSHELL RESARCH INSTITUTE                                              Email:

Nanoshell Research Institute is an independent, nonprofit research organization headquartered in Utah. We focus on the creation and transfer of nano- and micro technologies in engineering, medical and physical sciences to places where they can create the useful impact for human life.  In many cases, useful tools are never developed due to low return on investment, despite their having a tremendous practical impact in the world. We are interested in medical and scientific advances that can be directly translated to improvements in clinical treatment effectiveness and quality of life, safe and healthy daily living, particularly in low resource areas. We are also interested in transformative technologies that address global health, environmental and technology challenges. Some of our ongoing efforts are described elsewhere on this site.  We perform intramural and contract R&D  for industrial and government clients. Through philanthropic efforts we aim to mobilize like-minded individuals to bring needed technologies to where they are most needed. We are committed to knowledge dissemination about ground breaking technologies in these areas to government, corporate, university, K-12 institutions and the public to foster intellectual and workforce growth.

White Buffalo Cosmetics, LLC                             Email:

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Cosmetics manufacturer and contract packager that successfully serves the skin and personal care industry.

Our R&D Services:

  • Custom Formula Development

  • Filling

  • Formula trouble shooting

  • Stability testing

  • Technical support

  • High quality